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Creating childhood memories


Private Riding Lesson


Private Riding Lessons for children from 3 years to 10 years or up to 12 years if your child is small. Safe well handled ponies, previously ridden by our children.

Our focus is on achieving a Balanced Thinking Rider, while developing empathy, respect, gratitude and a love towards ponies. We take care in encouraging but not over-facing your child. Developing a correct position while enjoying time with the ponies is our aim.

Professional Instructor

A date will need to be booked & confirmed when recipient is ready to participate. Expiry 6 months

Gorgeous Voucher sent to your special little person on your behalf or sent to you. Fast Post delivery next day. A great gift option if you are living overseas. Gift Vouchers expires six months from date of purchase.

Please note:  These lessons will need to be booked within School Holiday Periods or during the week during school hours. Our after school Lessons are normally fully booked with Term Riders.

Whose name would you like written on the Gift Voucher? Whose name would you like written from on the Voucher? Postage Delivery Name & Address of Voucher Recipient please or you would like to pick up from Pony Tales.. Any other comments please enter here.

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